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Wellington Wine and Food Festival 2022

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Cocktails Crafted

The Wellington Wine and Food Festival brings together wineries, food vendors, and industry experts to celebrate the best in wine and culinary offerings. It also attracts sophisticated guests who have a skill in picking up detailed flavours and tasting notes, making it a great playground for Alchemist Mixology.

The Challenge

The focus of this festival was solely on the wine, so cocktails already stood out. Then there's the crowd, some of whom are professionally trained in interpreting and rating the taste and aroma of a drink. For the Wellington Wine and Food Festival, our cocktail offerings had to complement featured wines and taste amazing, or else.

The Alchemist Approach

We elevated wine by creating bespoke cocktails that were inspired by the flavours and aromas of the featured wines. Our thoughtful creativity and passion for mixology allowed us to stand out, and provide a memorable experience for both the event organisers and the guests.

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