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Alchemist Mixology was hired to provide catering and mixology services for a festival event. The event was held at a outdoor venue and featured live music, food vendors, and a variety of beer options.

The Challenge

One of the challenges of this event was convincing beer lovers to try something different and try a custom cocktail. With so many beer options available, we needed to find a way to stand out and offer something unique and appealing to festival-goers.

The Alchemist Approach

To meet this challenge, our team created a variety of delicious custom cocktails using high-quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. We also provided tastings and demonstrations of the cocktails, allowing festival-goers to try them and learn more about the flavors and techniques used to create them. Our efforts were a success, with hundreds of beer lovers being tempted away from their usual IPAs and towards our delicious custom cocktails.

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