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Otago Museum Cocktail Chemistry Masterclass




Cocktails Crafted

Alchemist Mixology hosted a cocktail masterclass at the Otago Museum for 100 attendees. The event was held in the museum's event space and featured hands-on demonstrations and lessons on how to make chemistry-inspired cocktails. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the science behind mixology and create their own unique cocktails using a variety of ingredients and techniques.

The Challenge

One of the challenges of hosting a cocktail masterclass at a museum was finding a way to make the event both educational and entertaining. We wanted to provide attendees with a fun and interactive experience while also teaching them about the scientific principles behind cocktail creation.

The Alchemist Approach

To meet this challenge, we teamed up with a local mixologist who was well-versed in the science of mixology. They led the demonstrations and provided attendees with step-by-step instructions on how to make their own cocktails. We also provided a variety of ingredients and tools for attendees to use, so they could get creative and experiment with different flavours and techniques. The event was a success, with attendees leaving with a newfound appreciation for the science behind mixology and the skills to create their own chemistry-inspired cocktails at home.

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